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A great number of customers have recently asked us to throw light on the term “superduralumin”, which identifies the material of which some of our Eins components are made, in particular our complete range of quick-chuck changes and our runner chucks. For this reason, we have decided to dedicate this newsletter to this special material.

The term “Superduralumin” refers to A2024 (AlCu4Mg1), an aluminium alloy belonging to the so-called 2000 Series alloys. This series of aluminium alloys typically contain copper and magnesium, which confer high mechanical qualities and good levels of elasticity.

Within the 2000 series, the A2024 aluminium that we at Eins select for our products is the alloy with the best mechanical characteristics, the best resistance to wear and tear and corrosion.

This is the favourite alloy of the aeronautical and aerospace, sectors, that’s why it is also known as Avional. And, even though our products are not designed to reach the sky, lightness is a must-have quality as this allows the automation they are used in to move the EOAT to the maximum speed and with the minimum effort.

Moreover, the surface of our quick-chuck changes and runner chucks undergoes a special “hard” anodizing process known in the Japanese market with the name “Almite”.

The Hard Almite (硬質アルマイト, Koshitsu Arumaito) is the treatment used by Eins. If in the typical anodizing process the layer of aluminium oxide is around 5- 25μm, in the Hard Almite process this value reaches 70 μm,with a surface hardness of 400 HV (scala Vickers); (Vickers hardness test), whereas a standard anodizing process reaches 200 HV.
Combined with the lightness of aluminium, this treatment guarantees an excellentsliding capacity and resistance to wear, two fundamental characteristics for our products!

Check out these solutions applied to our range of runner chucks E and E1 series and quick chuck changes for six-axes robots.

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