What’s the best, fastest and most accurate way to take out moulded products from your IMM and do it the way you like it?
Here’s where the End of Arm Tooling (a.k.a. EOAT) plays its pivotal role, making your total automation worthy of the name.

What is the function of the EOAT?
It can vary from simple actions such as the extraction of parts or sprues from the mould to more elaborate tasks such as the rotation of parts, insert loading or in-mould labelling (IML), sprue cut or separation from the moulded products.

What are the most popular technologies?

Vacuum is definitely the most widespread technology used on EOATs. Thanks to their lightness, moderate price and ease of use, suction pads are the favourite solution for the pick&place of moulded parts, which is the fundamental target of every automated system.

If a greater picking force is needed, grippers and cylinder come to the aid of the moulder. Sensors can accurately detect the appropriate opening and closing of the gripping systems.

The basic use of the EOAT can be enriched by other functions such as gate cutting through special nippers or the possibility to make the robot able to change the EOAT autonomously. This can be achieved effortlessly thanks to tool changers/quick-chuck changes whenever there is the need to swiftly change more than one EOAT because of mould changes, as requested by the standards of “Industry 4.0”

modular structure or an aluminium or carbon-fibre plate is the starting point for the setting up of all the EOAT’s components. The structural resistance of the materials combined with lightness and moderate dimensions create an extremely efficient tool. 

By means of a modular structure it is possible to cut on assembly time; furthermore, the EOAT can be disassembled and its components can be reused to create a new one. This will not only save you money, but also reduce waste: Eins is eco!

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