High-performance Air Ejector

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Manufacturer: Eins-Star

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Our brand-new ESVP10-A air ejector is conceived for the handling of cardboard boxes an other heavy materials. This is a multi-stage ejector that generates vacuum using compressed air. It can also be mounted directly on ф12 structures of our Jungle Gym series.

Main characteristics:

● Maximum vacuum pressure (-Kpa): -80 (at 0.5 MPa working pressure).

● Suction volume (L/min): 85 (at 0.5 MPa working pressure)

● Air consumption (L/min): 57 (at 0.5 MPa)

● Nozzle diameter (mm): ф1.0

● Piping (mm): ф6

● Noise (db): 82



Additional information

Weight 146 g
Air pressure

0.3-0.5 MPa

Heat Resistance °C


Manufacturer Eins-Star
Item ESVP10-A
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