Challenge Summer with Stat-Clean

Challenge Summer with Stat-Clean

Summer is here and all you want is turn that fan on and get some fresh air! Did you know that in our online shop you can find a series of similar products?

Well, maybe the air flow that our Vessel fan-type ionizers convey will not help you fight the heat, but surely it is a strong ally when it comes to eliminating the common problem of static electricity!

Vessel fan-type ionizers

Static electricity can cause several issues during production processes, such as dust attraction as well as attraction or repulsion between different materials. The only way to eliminate it is to reach a perfect balance between positive and negative charges. It sounds hard, but there’s nothing easier if you have one of our ionizers at hand!


Vessel’s fan-type ionizers generate high volumes of ions by means of capacity-coupling-type electrode needles. They are easy to manage and put in place; moreover, all the covers of the fans can be easily removed, allowing the electrode needle to be cleaned in order not to contaminate the working environment.

 When is it recommended to use a fan-type ionizer?

  • over a conveyor belt;
  • to prevent the deposit of dust on moulded items;
  • over cell production tables;
  • during pre-painting of car bumpers;
  • during film winding and unwinding;
  • during in-mould-labelling (IML) processes.



Have a look at these three models, that we have chosen among our wide range:

Price: 379€

: 367€

Price: 844€

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