Your Six-axes Robot is Screaming for an Eins Tool Changer

Your Six-axes Robot is Screaming for an Eins Tool Changer

Did you miss us? We are happy to inform you that our Eins department is back and ready to give you the best components for your End-Of-Arm Toolings and satisfy all your needs. During this hard period we never left you and we would like to thank all those customers who decided to purchase from our website in the past weeks. You are the reason why we have been working full stream! We are also taking care of the safety of our employees and we have put in place all the necessary measures to protect their health.

In our last newsletter we explained how our quick-chuck changers for Cartesian robots work. Today, we want to focus on our OX series for six-axes robots.

These robots are extremely flexible and they can perform several tasks from every possible angle; they are widely used in many industrial sector (e.g. medical, automotive, aerospace, electronic, just to mention a few) to carry out countless operations, from assembly to soldering.

Six-axes collaborative robots are also becoming more and more favoured by manufacturers all over the world, as they feature a state-of-the-art technology which can detect human presence and, therefore, make them suitable to be used without any safety barrier. In such way, the integration between man and machine is much easier and, as a consequence, operators’ productivity increases.

When using these robots, it is often necessary to change tool, depending on the task the robot is carrying out. This is when a quick-chuck change (AKA tool changer) becomes really important; and if it is lightweight, easy to use, realiable and at a reasonable price it’s even better! Eins has designed 8 different models of quick-chuck changes for six-axes robots, with a payload ranging from 0.5 to 60 kg and standard adapting plates that can be directly installed onto the robots of the main manufacturers. Fanuc, Stäubli, Kuka, Yaskawa, Universal Robots, Comau: just tell us your favourite brand and we will find the best tool changer for you!

MATERIAL: super duraluminium & stainless
WEIGHT: 199g
PRICE:  375,50 € 


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