Discover the Magnetic Grippers!

Discover the Magnetic Grippers!

Our journey among our EINS range takes us to a special category: magnetic grippers and all the benefits you can get from using them.

Magnetic grippers are ideal when you need to move ferromagnetic materials such as pierced metal sheets, complex pieces and either small or big metal plates.

They are recommended for uneven surfaces where a normal suction pad is of no use; being pneumatically activated there is no need of any electrical supply.

The magnetic grippers we want to present today are made by Schmalz and are part of the SGM series.

Let’s see some of the main technical features:

  • Material: aluminium; light and compact structure;
  • Magnet: permanent. This ensures a safe handling (should there be
    a shortage in the air supply). 
  • Easy assembly: coupling in the rear (standard thread)
    and on the side (HTS coupling);

We can supply 9 different models of magnetic grippers, with a diameter of the gripping surface of 40, 50, or 70 mm. The holding force varies from 100N – for pieces having a thickness of 1mm – up to 290N, with or without a PNP/NPN sensor.

 Besides these 9 classic models we would like to recommend our Best seller:



This is Eins magnetic gripper model MGC-20We have developed this gripper thanks to the expertise we gained in several projects. Its features are similar to the previous models yet this model is much lighter.

The MGC-20 model has a gripping surface of 26mm and a holding force of 25N. It has a neodymium magnet, compact structure and s cylinder-shaped form, for an easy installation with our 20mm Jungle Gym joints.

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