Breaking News! Eins and Vessel join forces!

Breaking News! Eins and Vessel join forces!

Our online offer grows bigger with STAT-Clean, the anti-static solutions "made in Vessel". Since 2000, our partner Vessel has focused its research on countermeasures against static electricity and dust with the aim of improving the quality of work at the customer’s site.

Stat Clean Vessel

Static electricity can cause several issues during the production processes, such as dust attraction or repulsion between materials. The only way to eliminate static electricity is to reach a perfect balance between positive and negative charges: that’s easy when you have the right ionizing equipment!

Vessel’s ionizers are based on the “AC Corona Discharge” technology: by applying high AC voltage to an electrode, it generates a spark and ozone full of ions, that gets blown on the workpieces thus solving the problem.

Still unsure about why you should choose Eins as your partner for electrostatic discharge? Here are three good reasons:

  • Vessel's assortment covers the widest range of anti-static solutions, from fan-type ionizersgun-type ionizers and bar-type ionizersEPA mats that prevent static discharge, to adhesive mats that inhibit dust scattering. All these products provide the ultimate solution for all your static and dust removal problems!
  • To provide the best products for production sites, the design of Vessel products aims to an easy use with the most user-friendly ionizing materials on the market!
  • Get a direct support from our specialists, who will propose you the best solution for your production site!

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