Discover Our New Product: Tubes by Carbosix.

Discover Our New Product: Tubes by Carbosix.

You already know the pros of the modular structure for your end of arm tooling but now you want more. Now you want a material that is stronger yet lighter than steel and with all the advantages of aluminium. You want Carbon! That is why we decided to start 2020 by introducing in our EINS catalogue our exciting new range
of carbon tubes. To give you the best quality ever, we have selected CarbosSix !

New Tubes by Carbosix

CarboSix tubes are unique, as they are manufactured with a special technique called “pullwinding”: long carbon fibres are wound in a variable orientation with respect to the profile’s longitudinal axis. This process considerably increases the torsional mechanical properties, if compared with the traditional “wrapping” technique.

Stiffness = Precision
Lightness = Speed
Shorter cycle time = Saving 

More acceleration, less inertia, shorter cycle times
lead you to the final target: Saving.

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