Tool Changers Uncovered

Tool Changers Uncovered

Quick chuck changes are the flagship of our catalogue: are you sure you know them quite enough?

These components, also known as tool changers, allow to change the EOAT of each robot in a quick and easy way.

And when you talk about robots your thoughts fly to our parent company Star Automation Europe, the leading supplier of Cartesian robots. For this type of robots, we recommend the tool changers of our OX series. They are available in 11 different models, with a payload ranging from 3 to 80 kilograms and suitable for IMMs from 40 to 5000 tons.

Made of “Avional” superduralumin, which perfectly combines lightness and resistance, our tool quick chuck changers feature an original and patented locking and unlocking structure, exclusive to the Star Group. Something like this does not go unnoticed when choosing a supplier!


“EINS tool changers are really easy to use,
with precise connections, great solidity and small
dimensions. I will certainly buy them again!”

- Mauro -

“Quick and easy to fit with no mistakes possible”
- Dawn -

“These tool changers are so reliable and convenient
that we have decided to use them on all our robots”

- Roberto -

We have also designed an amazing range of accessories to meet the requirements of the most demanding customer! Wireless connectors, air expansion units, manual valves, spare stainless steel spheres and much more!


IMM RANGE: 80-650ton
WEIGHT: 475g
PRICE:  318 € 

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